Thursday, 31 October 2013

Neil Gaiman's 'Feeders and Eaters'

Neil Gaiman is an amazing writer to me. One of my favourites and hugely popular around the world; he has even written episodes for Doctor Who (and I have enjoyed those every time). In ‘Feeders and Eaters’ Eddie Barrow is having a conversation with a man he met ten years ago, the nameless narrator of the story. Eddie tells this friend about the place he had once newly moved into and the odd behaviour of the lady across from him in the attic they shared, including her hunger for meat.
I have always enjoyed Gaiman’s humour interlaced with his work, and the fact that the narrator of this story is nameless offers up something of an option to put ourselves into his shoes even if you’re female. I also enjoyed the oddities found in the narrator who seems to take things in his stride, and also the grey appearance given such detail in Eddie Barrow. Being a lover of four-legged animals however, I am never pleased with the treatment (or mistreatment) of cats. However, I suppose it wouldn’t be horrific without it.
I would check this tale out if you want a mix of the absurd with terrifying tendencies, or at least something to think about for a while after you’ve put the stories down. The ones that linger are often the most enjoyable.
Check out ‘The Weird’ edited by Ann and Jeff Vandermeer for this story and others in the same field of weird and terrifying.  

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