Friday, 2 January 2015

Jeanne Willis and Sarah Fox-Davies' 'Mole's Sunrise'

'Mole’s sunrise' is a beautiful book about friendship when Vole takes their friend Mole to see the sunrise for the first time.
Firstly, I’ll start with Fox-Davies’ illustrations. They are soft and beautiful, the palette very calming and even romantic, matching the tone of the story and the descriptions given.
Willis’ story is also very sweet. The majority of the text is very basic and has very little description, until the animals Mole meets begin to describe what a sunrise is. Then the language is very full and evokes senses such as taste and sound to a reader’s imagination. It also illustrates friendship through Vole and Mole’s relationship as Vole is willing to help out a friend with experiences he has not yet encountered.
I think this tale is very soft, but also very full in its meaning and message. I believe the pictures really enhance the story. I believe young readers would therefore enjoy this book.

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