Friday, 2 January 2015

Lesley Wynne Pechter's 'Alligator Bear Crab'

'Alligator bear crab' is a board book for early readers, to educate them on the alphabet. The writing is large and the particular letter desired for each page is highlighted through its size, boldness and colour.
This board book is filled with soft colours with animated faces and cute posturing from the “critters” emphasised in the pages. I enjoyed the fact that a few of the animals are not ones you would necessarily expect to see in place of some of the letters, making it more unique in that way; for example, jay, loon and vole. The author has made this type of board book different by also changing up the letter X as the last letter of the word, not the first (for ox) and engaging readers in the letter Y by using “you” as the focus. Let’s face it, we are animals after all.
There isn’t much that can go wrong in a board book, so I don’t have much to say in terms of critique. However, I could not be engaged with this text, but can see how young children learning their alphabet could be. It enables not only the ability to learn the English language and relate words to pictures, but could encourage more storytelling through the humanistic features of the animals’ faces.
It could be said that some of the sounds may be difficult for young children, but this text does enable a learning curve for them in a way that should be engaging enough to encourage language development. While I cannot rate this book highly as it’s hard to be personal about it, I rate it on its overall presentation and the possibility it has for teaching young readers the alphabet.


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