Friday, 2 January 2015

'What's the weather?'

Okay, so this book I am about to review is a nonfiction picture book. This means I can’t go into detail about the story, but I can mention its educational merits. Oh, and if you couldn’t tell, this book is about educating young readers on the weather and what causes the weather to change.
This book gives two double page spreads to different kinds of weather. The first double page spread is given to explain what weather looks like. The second double page spread gives a little more information about how that kind of weather occurs. If anything, it is the second double page spread that might be more difficult for younger readers to grasp.
However, what is helpful in this picture book is its interactive nature. There are flaps to open that represent opening windows, wheels to turn, textures to touch and even leaves on strings that when the book is shaken acts like wind blowing. This is a good way to explore the concepts, especially when the book is being read to young readers. In saying that though, it could also be a lot of fun for young readers on their own who are used to a bigger vocabulary.
As a nonfiction book, this book does come with a contents page, but also comes with an observation game for children at the back of the book that enables them to put what they have learned into practice. This is another book I have read to a group of pre-schoolers and they were engaged in the interactive side of the book that helped them to listen and learn about the weather.
I actually find this book a little more unique than I often would, because of its combination of topic and interactivity. Everything is rather bright on the page, and though while some of it may be difficult, with an adult reader it could become a much more balanced text for younger readers.

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