Friday, 2 January 2015

Wong Herbert Yee's 'Who Likes Rain?'

'Who likes rain?' by Wong Herbert Yee is a picture book about a young child thinking and wondering about the rain during the summer time and who does and does not enjoy it.
This is a poetic picture book that will encourage young readers (or listeners) through its onomatopoeia and use of rhyme. I would like to mention that it is an American picture book, so people in the Southern hemisphere will have to educate younger readers on the difference in time for the seasons as this book may not be what some readers experience in April.
The story itself has a strong beat and predictable rhythm that will engage readers (or listeners). The reason I keep mentioning listeners is because I have read this to a group of preschool aged children and they remained fairly engaged by the tempo of the story. Yee also allows a guessing game to exist within the book so that readers and listeners can guess what is coming.
The illustrations are soft, well coloured and well detailed that show some lovely actions to complement the writing. Yee has written and illustrated other children’s books as well, so he is a pro at this style.
I think this is an enjoyable little story, but I especially enjoy it when children are engaged in being read to. For 'Who likes rain?' this is what adds to its quality of style.

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