Sunday, 15 March 2015

Aly Martinez's 'Fighting Silence

Martinez’s ‘Fighting silence’ is an adult contemporary romance. The main characters are Till Page and Eliza Reynolds, both of whom have difficult backgrounds but find solace in each other. Till, struggling with all his hardships, finds it hard to really fight for the reality of his life.
I found the basis for this novel rather strong. The characters are believable and you can feel for the struggles the characters face, though sometimes I found the characters to be more childish than they should be. I found the familial connection between Page and his brothers playful and enjoyable as I watched their progression through the book. The secondary characters are mostly strong too. Martinez has a good understanding of how to build her characters well.
The story is okay. I found myself struggling with period jumps, even though I know that it helped move the plot along. I just found that it kind of threw a lot into the pot all at once for this novel to hit all its marks. I was also slightly disappointed in the resolution at the end of this book. Martinez has done well for her main characters, but I found there to be a dissonance and longing for me between Till and Eliza and then Till’s brothers; as though the last chapter had been more rushed through than others. However, as this is the beginning of a series, this could be resolved in the future.
I mostly struggled with the editing of this book. It was hard for me when there were many errors throughout. If this doesn’t bother you, you’ll do fine; but if you’re someone who picks this up easily, you might want to steer clear.
This novel does hit all its genre marks, and has a strong alpha male character. There are parts that I found really sweet and believable; but there were also some moments that challenged that. I think as a first in a series it helped create the characters well whose lives will become more intertwined throughout. Overall however, I feel that ‘Fighting silence’ was a book I really had to fight for.

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