Saturday, 21 March 2015

Debra Driza's "Mila 2.0"

Driza’s book is the “first” in her young adult science fiction series (there is a prequel short, which is why I have used quotation marks). ‘Mila 2.0’ is about sixteen-year-old Mila who discovers she is artificial intelligence. Mila has to learn how to deal with the struggles of her humanity and whether it is real as well as running from people who want to have her reprogramed.
The premise for the book is very interesting. The theme of humanness is strong and would connect to the target audience. The plot across the book is rather slow, but as this is the beginning of the first in a series, it could be more about laying the foundations for the overall series. However, much may not take you by surprise as I didn’t find it very suspenseful. Though there is action. I found some of the sequences hard to follow, but I found the focus on the internal struggles of Mila well written. There are hints towards characters and plots that hopefully are developed in following books and lead you to want to know what some of those things will be in the following books.
I enjoyed Mila as a character. Driza blends the struggle to understand her situation with the understanding of a teenager well. I find Mila possibly too attached to Hunter who she’s falling for; but perhaps Driza has mimicked how teenagers really relate emotionally, which is why Mila is this way, but to me she seems to be too strongly attached to someone she barely knows. Other characters were intriguing; you don’t find out too much about them, though again this may be rectified in the later books.
I think this is a good first book (and it is Driza’s actual first book also). Overall, sure there are some moments that might lead some people to be turned off reading the second book in the series; but I think this is a solid enough first to give the sequel a go. The concept is good and watching the struggle for what is humanity/who is human is a classic struggle I will always enjoy.

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